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Do not turn on A/C immediately as soon as you enter the car! May 14, 2009

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Please open the windows after you enter your car and do not turn ON the air-conditioning immediately. According to a research done, the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emits Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen- take note of the heated plastic smell in your car). In addition to causing cancer, it poisons your bones, causes anemia, and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer may also cause miscarriage.

Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft. A car parked indoors with the windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene. If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level… & the people inside the car will inevitably inhale an excess amount of the toxins.

It is recommended that you open the windows and door to give time for the interior to air out before you enter. Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver, and is very difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.

“When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others”


LIVE APPEAL FOR PAKISTAN CRISIS-Islam Channel (SKY channel 813) Wednesday May 13th 2009 8pm-1am May 14, 2009

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Muslim Aid Logo
Special Greetings Here!

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah

LIVE APPEAL FOR PAKISTAN CRISIS-Islam Channel (SKY channel 813) Wednesday May 13th 2009 8pm-1am

UN says 1 million internal refugees on the move.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from the districts of Buner and Lower Dir in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) since fighting flared in northern Pakistan last month. The government is preparing for up to 1 million internal refugees, the largest displacement crisis in Pakistan’s history.

According to UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), in the Swat Valley some 200,000 people had been displaced since August 2008 and another 300,000 are on the move or about to flee. Added to the 550,000 already internally displaced in the refugee camps, the crisis threatens to be the largest man-made humanitarian disaster in Pakistan’s post-independence history.

With the conflict zone itself having become a no-go area for relief agencies, Muslim Aid is concentrating on providing essential life support to those in the refugee camps. Shelter, food, utensils, clean water and medical supplies are urgently needed.

So far Muslim Aid has provided:

• Tents for internally displaced families that can accommodate a family of 6/7 benefiting up to 3,000 people.

• 1,000 jerry cans for carrying water.

• 800 mattresses and 500 kitchen sets have already been distributed.

• An emergency medical tent where a 1,000 patients will be treated with basic medical supplies.

• 300,000 Aquatabs, providing 300,000 litres of clean water.

Please help us to provide shelter, clean water and non food items to thousands of families who have been left with nothing.

• £100 will buy tents for 12 families.

• £25 will buy pots, pans, cutlery and other Kitchen utensils.

• £10 will buy 10 Jerry cans to carry water.

You can make a difference.



Visit www.muslimaid.org for more information
© Muslim Aid 2007 / PO Box 3, London E1 1WP Tel: +44 (0) 20 7377 4200 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7377 4201 Charity Reg No 295224

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Credit Cards April 24, 2009

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Most people know misusing credit cards can lead to debt disaster. However, even if you’re generally sensible with your credit card, the relationship you have with your flexible friend may not be as simple as it seems.

Lenders love to include tricky terms and conditions in credit agreements, which often muddy the waters of how cards work – and can mean you end up paying far more for the privilege of using your plastic…

1. Negative payment hierarchy
As far as most lenders are concerned, not all forms of debt are the same – even when they sit on the same credit card.

Companies use categories to classify different types of debt. Balance transfer debt, purchases debt and cash withdrawal debts, for instance, are usually listed individually on bills and can attract wildly different rates of interest.

Most lenders put the cheapest form of debt you hold (usually balance transfer debt) at the top of the payment priority list, leaving the most expensive (often cash withdrawal debt) at the bottom. This is called a negative payment hierarchy because, in terms of how much they cost, it means you’re paying back your debts in reverse order.

For example, if you held £2,000 of cheap balance transfer (BT) debt and £500 of expensive cash withdrawal debt (CW) on the same credit card, you would have to pay off your entire BT before you were able to make a dent in your outstanding CW balance.

In the meantime, this ‘untouchable’ CW debt would be racking up hefty interest charges, potentially costing you a significant sum.

This is why, as I explained in my article Recession Busting Balance Transfers, it’s usually a disastrous idea to spend on a balance transfer credit card.

2. Monthly minimum repayments (MMRs)
The MMR is the minimum sum you must pay off your credit card balance each month. However, lenders generally set these so low they barely cover the amount of interest charged on your debt.

Typically, a credit card’s MMR will be either 2% or 3% of the total balance, or £5 (whichever is the greater).

However, some lenders specify even lower MMRs. Cards issued by the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) group, for example, come with an MMR of just 1%.

Blithely paying back the MMR is a catastrophe for any cardholder who wants to beat down their borrowing. This is because sticking with the small monthly sum most credit card companies demand will not help you diminish your debt – and in fact could mean it lasts for decades.

Here’s a scary example: a person who held a fairly modest credit card balance of £2,000 at a rate of 17%, and who repaid only the MMR of 2% each month, would be saddled with that debt for a staggering 32 years!

It may seem shocking, but it makes perfect mathematical sense. This is because MMRs are generally worked out as percentages – and as your credit card balance decreases, so will the amount you’re regularly required to pay off.

No matter how large your credit card balance, it’s crucial to try and overshoot your lender’s MMR when you’re making repayments. Paying off an affordable fixed sum each month could significantly shorten the lifespan of your credit card debt.

3. Foreign transaction charges
When you’re on holiday, it’s often tempting to pound your plastic. After all, whipping a credit card out of your wallet is far less hassle than queuing to exchange currency.

Sadly, if you use the wrong credit card abroad it’s likely you’ll be stung by a host of horrible charges. Many lenders add foreign currency loading fees (typically around 2.75%) onto transactions made abroad, and also charge high interest rates and fees for cash withdrawals.

If you’re a keen traveller and prefer to use credit cards on holiday, it makes sense to get a credit card specifically for this purpose. The Post Office Platinum MasterCard is a good choice as it will not add a foreign currency loading fee to overseas spending (though you will still be charged for withdrawing cash from an ATM).

4. Interest free periods
An often unsung benefit of credit cards is the interest free period they offer. Usually, any purchases you make won’t start accruing interest for several weeks – and this applies to bog-standard credit cards as well as special promotional deals.

So, what’s the catch? Firstly, some credit card providers offer longer interest free periods than others.

While many lenders allow customers up to 59 days to pay their bills, others offer significantly smaller windows of opportunity. The Lloyds TSB Advance MasterCard, for instance, offers no interest free period at all.

Secondly, the interest period that comes with any credit card only remains interest free if the balance is paid in full and on time.

If you don’t repay what you’ve borrowed within the time your card issuer allows, interest charges will be applied – and back-dated to the days when your purchases were made.

5. Penalty charges
If you use a credit card, it’s crucial to avoid missing payments and ensure you don’t exceed your credit limit. If you do, you’ll be breaking the terms of your credit agreement with the card issuer – and you’ll be liable to penalty charges of £12 for each mistake you make.

Worse still, it’s likely that a missed payment will leave a blemish on your credit history. This could make it harder for you to obtain credit in the future.

Just as importantly, breaking the rules with a balance transfer card might mean you lose your promotional deal. I’ve heard horror stories of 0% offers being withdrawn, even after just one late payment. Don’t let this happen to you!

Gaza update April 1, 2009

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Special Greetings Here!

Assalamu alaykum

When the devastating conflict in Gaza began on December 27th 2008, Muslim Aid launched a £5 million appeal to send emergency relief to the people of Gaza. Although we expected a fantastic response, we did not expect your generosity to reach record breaking heights- it demonstrated a commitment to serving humanity that stretched way beyond a few pounds from your purses Alhamdulillah.

Jazak Allah Khair

May Allah (SWT) reward you for showing your compassion and sympathy for the people of Gaza.

“Say: “No reward do I ask of you: it is (all) in your interest: my reward is only due from Allah.” [The Qu’ran Saba 34:47].

See your amazing response to our appeal….

• You hit the £1 million mark after 2 weeks.

• You raised a record breaking £100,000 during ‘Qiyam and Qunut for Gaza’ prayer at the East London Mosque.

• You raised a fantastic £300,000 at our fundraising dinner ‘An Evening for the Children of Gaza’.

• Our volunteers collected over £10,280 through street, door and tube collections.

• To date you have raised £1,950,964.92.

An Evening for the Children of Gaza

A big jazak Allah khair to all those that attended and made the night a great success. Guests were treated to a wonderful three course meal as well as A-list entertainment and speeches. There were thought provoking nasheeds by internationally renowned artist Zain Bhikha, Labayk, Abdullah Role and a surprise guest appearance by Dawud Wharnsby. There were also stirring speeches by brothers Anas Al-Tikriti (President of the Cordoba Foundation) and Dr Daud Abdullah (Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain).

The pinnacle of the night was our Gaza Water Challenge – the challenge was to raise £200,000 for Muslim Aid’s Gaza water purification plant – amazingly with just over 400 guests in the room, the challenge was well and truly conquered with over £300,000 raised! Jazak Allah khair again, we could not have done this without you.

A special thanks to our sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible: Greenleaf Events (great food and service); Euro Quality Lambs and Baraka (much needed financial support for the event); Naiem Khan and Zafar Iqbal (for the excellent sound and stage system) and the London Hilton Metropole (for the great venue).

Our long-term plans

It is so important to us that every penny you donate goes to the people of Gaza. We are working with local partners to assess how your money will fund the second phase of our work. Muslim Aid believes that rebuilding homes and rehabilitating buildings are vital to get communities back on their feet. Insh’Allah we will also continue our work with the Palestine Trauma Centre to give trauma counselling to affected families.

See how we will help the people of Gaza….

• Establishing a Muslim Aid Field Office which will coordinate our rehabilitation projects throughout the region. We will be employing local staff and volunteers which will be able to deliver our projects more effectively.

• Rehabilitation of a water purification plant which will purify water for over 250,000 people per day. The plant will provide 100 schools, 40 mosques, 10 hospitals with clean drinking water as well 500 families with water tanks. The clean drinking water will also mean fewer illnesses due to contaminated water supplies. We will also teach 100 children and students about the importance of conserving water.

• The provision of medicines for those left injured by the conflict.

• Taking experienced healthcare professionals from the UK and training 15 social workers, psychologists, teachers, nurses and project staff to work with traumatised children at the work Palestine Trauma centre.

• Continuing our work with the Palestine Trauma Centre to make sure that between 250-300 children and their families receive trauma counselling, advice and long term support.

• Working with local partners to repair five clinics as well as providing life saving medical equipment.

• Working with Noor al Maarifa, Muslim Aid will provide over 700 families with the equipment and construction materials to rebuild their homes.

Remember the people of Gaza still need your support – please continue to give!

Visit www.muslimaid.org for more information

Global Action March 30, 2009

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1. International Call for Global Day of ActionBoycott Israel! Make it account for its crimes in Gaza!
30 March 2009 – Today, the Palestinian people scattered across the globe mark Land Day, commemorating the events of 33 years ago, when Israeli security forces shot and killed six young Palestinian citizens of Israel and injured many.

These brave youth were among the thousands protesting Israel’s expropriation of Palestinian land to build new Jewish colonies and expand existing Jewish cities. Today, Land Day symbolizes Palestinian resistance to Israel’s ongoing land expropriation, apartheid, colonization and occupation. It marks as well the first Global Day of Action for Palestinian rights and for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), launched at the 2009 World Social Forum in Brazil.

Israel’s racist policies of confiscating Palestinian land and forcibly displacing Palestinians have gained in intensity since the original Land Day. The policies of incremental ethnic cleansing that Israel calls “Judaization” are proceeding apace in Palestine’s historic cities, including Jerusalem, Jaffa, Acre, Lydda and Ramla, with daily home demolitions and forced evictions. Israel’s aggressive land grab continues with the construction and expansion of the Apartheid Wall and colonies on occupied Palestinian land. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians face imminent displacement as their villages are slated to be erased from the map in their entirety.

Click here to read the full Palestinian BDS National Committee’s Land Day 2009 Statement

Click here to see the full call for March 30 in English, Spanish, Italian and French.
Click here to see our guide to BDS action.

Palestine – Many demonstrations are planned to commemorate March 30 as the Palestinian Land Day with a special focus on the national BDS campaign.
Worldwide – Activities are already planned in over a dozen countries around the globe.

All social movements, organizations, networks and political parties around the globe are invited to join us by endorsing the Palestinian civil society Call for BDS.
Sign on at:

EDINBURGH, Saturday 28 March, 12-2pm
Lloyds TSB branch, Leith Walk

EDINBURGH, Monday 30 March, 5.30pm
outside TESCO, Nicolson Street

Bring banners, placards – join us: leaflet and raise awareness; let TESCO know we don’t want Israeli goods in our supermarket shelves!

GLASGOW, Sunday 29 March, 2pm
outside TESCO, in Trongate, near Argyll Street

Bring banners, placards – join us: leaflet and raise awareness; let TESCO know we don’t want Israeli goods in our supermarket shelves!

List of Global Actions
March 30:
Palestinian Land Day celebrated as the First Global BDS Action Day


Glasglow, March 29: Supermarket boycott action organized by the PSC.

Edinburgh, March 30: Supermarket boycott action organized by the PSC.

Across the UK, March 30: Mass call to Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets’ customer service to complain about the sale of Israeli products on March 30 across the UK.

Spain and the Basque Country

Bilbao: details to come


Milan, Turin, Pisa, Bologna, Rome, and Naples, March 28:
Sit in at various shopping centers in the listed cities. Organized by Forum Palestina.

Rome, March 30: Palestine contingent joining trade union demonstration. Organized by Forum Palestina.


Kristiansand, March 30 Debate: “How to sanction Israeli human rights violations? Boycott, divestment, sanctions and other mechanisms.” Organized by the Socialist Youth of Norway at the University of Agder.

Oslo, March 30: Three BDS events will be held in Oslo. The Norwegian Association of NGO’s for Palestine (FuP) will hold a debate and workshop entitled, “Boycott, divestment and sanctions – which tools can we use to pressure Israel?” In selected neighborhoods of Oslo, the Socialist Youth will engage in a face to face boycott action, going door to door and informing inhabitants about the BDS campaign, which products to boycott, and how they can get involved. Finally, the Palestine Committee and others will hold a joint BDS demonstration at the Israeli embassy in Oslo.


Nantes, March 26:
Film screening of ” The Iron Wall” and debate organized by Young Muslims in France

Lille, March 28: Demonstration at 3.30 pm at Euralille organized by AFPS

Manosque, March 28: Conference for the Land Day with Nidal Shiwani and Rene Brackman organized by AFPS

Le Mans, March 28:
Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People organized by AFPS

St Brieuc, March 28: Film screening of “The Iron Wall” and debate organized by AFPS

St Denis (near Paris), March 28/29:
Conference on the Right to Return

Paris, March 28: Demonstration à 2 pm, Place du Chatelet organized by a coalition of organizations

Paris, March 28: Concert at 7.30 pm at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. (Métro : Porte Maillot Périphérique : sortie Porte Maillot, St Denis (near Paris) organized by AFPS

Marseille, March 30: Panel discussion at 7 pm at the CRDP, Amphi Paul Cezanne (Metro Saint-Charles)
. Speakers: Mme Alima Boumediene-Thiery, Maitre Gilles-Devers, spokesperson of the NGO coalition that has brought a case against Israel in front of th International Criminal Court , M.Nabil El Haggar, vice president of the university in Lille.
Press conference with the speakers at 5 pm.


Across Brazil, March 30: Various BDS actions and demonstrations

Sao Paulo, March 30: Demonstration in support of BDS and against the Mercosur – Israel FTA organized by Frente de Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino


March 30, Caracas:
– Demonstration before the UN representation in Venezuela, in order to express popular discontent with the UN’s failure to defend the right to self determination and the human rights of the Palestinian people. A letter condemning the lack of action taken to enforce UN resolutions and 2004 ICJ advisory opinion will be handed over.

– Global action day activity will be held in the Teatro Municipal, Caracas, with music, film and speeches. The Event will show solidarity with peoples oppressed by war and imperialism, particularly in Iraq and Palestine, and promote the Global BDS Palestinian call in Venezuela.

Organized by the local solidarity movement with Palestinian people’s struggle.


San Diego (California), March 30: Commemoration of Land Day and film screening of Wounds of the Heart: An Artist and Her Nation sponsored by San Diego Coalition for Justice in Palestine and the San Diego Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

New York (New York), March 30: New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (NYCBI) launch of a city-wide boycott Motorola campaign.

Los Angeles (California), March 30: “From la Frontera to Gaza: Chicano-Palestinian Connections.” Focuses on links between Mexico and Palestine, History of Palestine, Boycott as a Non-Violent Tool, and The Right to Education. USACBI event sponsored by the USC Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, Chicano and Latino American Studies, and USC Students for Justice in Palestine.

Santa Cruz (California), March 29: “We are all Gazans” program consisting of screening Dispatches: The Killing Zone, speakers recently returned from Gaza, and discussion of BDS actions in Santa Cruz.

Kentucky, March 28:
‘What Really Happened in Gaza?’ The Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East organizes an afternoon with plays, spoken word and testimonies on the siege and attack on Gaza.

New Jersey, March 30: Street action to support the March 30 Day of Global Action on Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel. Meet at Corner George & Albany St from 5 to 7 pm.


Toronto, March 30: “Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar” George Galloway talk organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War (note: Galloway has been banned by Canadian authorities from entering the country).

Montreal, March 30: Demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate organized by CJPP.


Crete, April 2: Demonstration in support of sports boycott and protest of the Greece – Israel soccer match in Heraclion.


March 28 – 31, The Hague – Brussels: Cycling event calling for suspension of the EU – Israel Association Agreement. Bicyclists will begin at the International Courts of Justice at The Hague on the 28th and arrive at European Parliament in Brussels on the 31st to deliver petition to European MPs. Organized by The Peace Cycle


Delhi, March 30: Exhibition, poetry and film commemorating Land Day.


The Hague, March 28: Start of The Peace Cycle in The Hague at the International Court of Justice, passing by the International Criminal Court. That cycling event from The Hague to Brussels calls for suspension of the EU – Israel Association Agreement. Support the petition and see http://www.thepeacecycle.com/

Utrecht, March 28: Conference from Friends of Sabeel.

Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam), March 29: Memorial meeting from Al Awda, Netherlands Palestine Committee and others.

Utrecht, March 30: Political debate GreenLeft Party.


March 30, Melbourne: The launch of the “The Sack Connex, Boycott Israel” campaign will be launched by the Coalition of Palestine support groups.

** You can list your event on the Scottish PSC website.  Just register to submit your event. **

Join Scottish PSC- we are all volunteers with no paid staff – or make a financial donation to help us continue campaigning work:
Send a cheque to:

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

c/o Peace & Justice Centre
2 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

SPSC is affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Depan kita syurga dan neraka March 4, 2009

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1-Tidak takut celaan orang yang mencela (bersedia menerima kritikan daripada ahli).
2-Tidak gentar menghadapi risiko.(tahu bagaimana mengurus risiko).
3-Berani mencuba.

4-Semangat mahukan perubahan . ( tidak statik atau kaku )
5-Tidak memusuhi idea-idea baru atau pendekatan-pendekat an baru .
6-Tidak membezakan tugas atau terlalu memilih kerja-kerja jamaah .
7-Tidak beremosi sebaliknya bertindak rasional .

8-Tegas dan tidak mudah merajuk.
9-Memberi dan menerima .
10-Menunaikan hak orang lain dan tanggungjawab diri sendiri .
11-Bersikap tolerensi terhadap pandangan orang lain dengan tidak menyangka hanya pendapatnya sahaja yang betul .

12-Mengutamakan syura daripada pendapat sendiri .
13-Optimis dengan kemenangan Islam.
14-Memiliki fizikal yang baik , minda yang cerdas , prinsip yang berwibawa dan disiplin yang baik .
15-Pengaruh dan penerimaan masyarakat terhadap peribadi dan perjuangannya .


1.Mendapat kesetiaan daripada ahli
(Al Wala’). Tanpa kesetiaan, kepimpinan akan pincang .
إِنَّمَا وَلِيُّكُمْ اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا الَّذِينَ يُقِيمُونَ الصَّلاةَ وَيُؤْتُونَ الزَّكَاةَ وَهُمْ رَاكِعُونَ . وَمَنْ يَتَوَلَّ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا فَإِنَّ حِزْبَ اللَّهِ هُمْ الْغَالِبُونَ .
“Sesungguhnya Penolong kamu hanyalah Allah, dan RasulNya, serta orang-orang yang beriman, yang mendirikan sembahyang, dan menunaikan zakat, sedang mereka rukuk (tunduk menjunjung perintah Allah).Dan sesiapa yang menjadikan Allah dan rasulnya serta orang-orang yang beriman itu penolongnya (maka berjayalah dia), kerana sesungguhnya golongan (yang berpegang kepada ugama) Allah, itulah yang tetap menang.”( Al Maidah 55 – 56 )

2. Mendapat ketaatan daripada ahli .
Sabda Rasulullah saw :
مَنْ أَطاعَني فقدْ أطاعَ اللهَ و مَن عَصاني فقد عَصى اللهَ و مَن أطاعَ أمِيْري فقد أطاعَني و مَن عَصَى أمِيْري فقد عصاني
Barangsiapa yang mentaatiku maka sesungguhnya dia telah mentaati Allah dan barangsiapa yang menginkariku maka sesungguhnya dia menginkari Allah dan barangsiapa yang mentaati pemimpinku maka sesungguhnya dia telah mentaatiku dan barangsiapa menginkari pemimpinku maka sesungguhnya dia menginkariku .” بخاري و مسلم

3. Mendapat pembetulan atau teguran apabila tersilap .
Sabda Rasulullah saw :
ثلاثٌ لا يُغَلُّ عَلَيْهِنَّ قَلْبُ مُسْلِمٍ : إِخْلاَصُ الْعَمَلِ للهِ و مُنَاْمَحَةُ أَئِمَةَ الْمسلمينَ و لُزُوْمِ جماعتِهِمْ .“

Tiga perkara , sukar untuk menjadikan hati mukmin keras : Ikhlas beramal kerana Allah , menasihati pemimpin muslimin dan melazimi jamaah muslimin.” Hadith Riwayat Imam Tarmizi.


Ingat! Kita tanggung di dunia tetapi jawab di hadapan ALlah di akhirat nanti. Menjadi ketua bukannya suatu tasyrif-kemuliaan tetapi suatu taklif-pertanggungj awaban.

1. Berlaku adil dalam seluruh perlaksanaan .
إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَأْمُرُ بِالْعَدْلِ وَالإِحْسَانِ وَإِيتَاءِ ذِي الْقُرْبَى وَيَنْهَى عَنْ الْفَحْشَاءِ وَالْمُنكَرِ وَالْبَغْيِ يَعِظُكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَذَكَّرُونَ
Sesungguhnya Allah menyuruh berlaku adil, dan berbuat kebaikan, serta memberi bantuan kepada kaum kerabat; dan melarang daripada melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan yang keji dan mungkar serta kezaliman. Ia mengajar kamu (dengan suruhan dan laranganNya ini), supaya kamu mengambil peringatan mematuhi-Nya.” ( النحل 90 )

2. Memimpin ahli-ahli menuju keredhaan Allah perlu ada dua suasana :
-Suasana keinginan tinggi melakukan pelengkapan diri .
-Suasana kesungguhan mengabdikan diri kepada Allah .

3. Musyawarah dengan ahli-ahli .
فَبِمَا رَحْمَةٍ مِنْ اللَّهِ لِنْتَ لَهُمْ وَلَوْ كُنْتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لانْفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِكَ فَاعْفُ عَنْهُمْ وَاسْتَغْفِرْ لَهُمْ وَشَاوِرْهُمْ فِي الأَمْرِ فَإِذَا عَزَمْتَ فَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَكِّلِينَ
Maka dengan sebab rahmat (yang melimpah-limpah) dari Allah (kepadamu wahai Muhammad), engkau telah bersikap lemah-lembut kepada mereka (sahabat-sahabat dan pengikutmu), dan kalaulah engkau bersikap kasar lagi keras hati, tentulah mereka lari dari kelilingmu. Oleh itu maafkanlah mereka (mengenai kesalahan yang mereka lakukan terhadapmu), dan pohonkanlah ampun bagi mereka, dan juga bermesyuaratlah dengan mereka dalam urusan (peperangan dan hal-hal keduniaan) itu. kemudian apabila engkau telah berazam (sesudah bermesyuarat, untuk membuat sesuatu) maka bertawakallah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah Mengasihi orang-orang yang bertawakal kepadaNya” ( ال عمران 159 )

Rumah kata P
KubuQ kata MY

Sekadar renungan March 3, 2009

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‘Au zubillah himinashsyaitan nirrajim…bismilla hirrahmannirrahi m’

Aku berlindung dengan Allah daripada syaitan yang direjam, Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani.
Bacalah ayat ini sebelum anda memulakan apa-apa saja kerja kerana dengan bacaan ini akan keluarlah iblis dan syaitan yang berada didalam tubuh kita dan juga di sekeliling kita, mereka akan berlari keluar umpama
cacing kepanasan.  Sebelum anda masuk rumah, bacalah ayat di atas, kemudian bacalah surah Al-Ikhlas (iaitu ayat: Qulhuwallahu ahad. Allahussamad. Lamyalid walam yu-lad. Walam yakul lahu kufuwan ahad.) sebanyak 3 kali.

Masuklah rumah dengan kaki kanan dan dengan membaca bismillah.. Berilah salam kepada anggota rumah dan  sekiranya tiada orang di rumah berilah salam kerana malaikat rumah akan menyahut. Amalkanlah bersolat
kerana salam pertama (ianya wajib) yang diucapkan pada akhir solat akan membantu kita menjawab persoalan kubur.
Apabila malaikat memberi salam, seorang yang jarang bersolat akan sukar menjawab salam tersebut.. Tetapi bagi mereka yang kerap bersolat, amalan daripada salam yang diucap di akhir solat akan menolongnya menjawab
salam malaikat itu.

Diriwayatkan oleh Iman Bukhari sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w:
‘Barang siapa membaca Qul huwa’llahu ahad 100,000 kali maka sesungguhnya ia telah menebus dirinya dari  Allah, maka menyeru yang menyeru dari pihak Allah di langit dan di bumi.  Kusaksikan bahwa sifulan itu telah menjadi pemendekaan Allah sesungguhnya ia adalah pemerdekaan dari sisi Allah, Sesungguhnya ia adalah
pemerdekaan dari neraka’. Inilah yang dinamakan membaca Qulhua’llah ahad satu hatam yaitu 100,000 kali dengan diwiridkan seberapa ribu kesanggupan kita

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud:

Barangsiapa membaca surah Al-Ikhlas sewaktu sakit sehingga dia meninggal dunia, maka dia tidak akan membusuk di dalam kuburnya, akan selamat dia dari kesempitan kuburnya dan para malaikat akan membawanya dengan sayap mereka melintasi titian
siratul mustaqim lalu menuju ke syurga. (Demikian diterangkan dalam Tadzikaratul Qurthuby).
Rasulullah SAW pernah bertanya sebuah teka-teki kepada umatnya Siapakah antara Kamu yang dapat khatam Qur’an dalam jangkamasa dua-tiga minit? Tiada seorang
dari sahabatnya yang menjawab. Malah Saiyidina Ummar telah mengatakan bahawa ianya mustahil untuk mengatam Qur’an dalam begitu cepat. Kemudiannya
Saiyyidina Ali mengangkat tangannya. Saiyidina Ummar bersuara kepada Saiyidina Ali bahawa Saiyidina Ali (yang sedang kecil pada waktu itu) tidak tahu apa yang dikatakannya itu. Lantas Saiyidina Ali membaca surah Al-Ikhlas tiga kali. Rasulullah SAW menjawab  dengan mengatakan bahawa Saiyidina Ali betul. Membaca surah Al-Ikhlas sekali ganjarannya sama dengan membaca 10 jus kitab Al-Quran… Lalu dengan membaca surah Al-Ikhlas sebanyak tiga kali qatamlah Quran kerana ianya sama dengan membaca 30 jus Al-Quran.

Berkata Ibnu Abbas r..a. bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda:

Ketika saya (Rasulullah SAW) israk ke langit, maka saya telah melihat Arasy di atas 360,000 sendi dan jarak jauh antara satu sendi ke satu sendi ialah 300,000 tahun perjalanan.

Pada tiap-tiap sendi itu terdapat padang sahara sebanyak 12,000 dan luasnya setiap satu padang sahara itu seluas dari timur hingga ke barat. Pada setiap padang sahara itu terdapat 80,000 malaikat yang mana kesemuanya membaca surah Al-Ikhlas.

Setelah mereka selesai membaca surah tersebut maka berkata mereka: Wahai Tuhan kami, sesungguhnya pahala dari bacaan kami ini kami berikan kepada orang yang membaca surah Al-Ikhlas baik ianya lelaki mahupun perempuan.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW lagi:

Demi Allah yang jiwaku ditanganNya, sesungguhnya Qul Huwallahu Ahadu itu tertulis di sayap malaikat Jibrail a.s, Allahhus Somad itu tertulis di sayap malaikat Mikail a.s,
Lamyalid walam yuulad tertulis pada sayap malaikat Izrail a.s, Walam yakullahu kufuwan ahadu tertulis pada sayap malaikat Israfil a.s.

Siapa membaca surah Fatihah, al-ikhlas, al-falaq, dan an-annas setiap satu sebanyak 7 kali selepas solat jumaat, nescaya terpelihara dari perkara keji dan segala bala hinggalah ke jumaat yang berikiutnya.

Jika dibaca 3 surah ini al-ikhlas, al-falaq and an-nass pagi dan petang nescaya tidak mengalami apa-apa kesusahan.

Jika sekiranya kawan-kawan ingin mengumpul saham akhirat, sampaikanlah ilmu ini kepada kawan2 yang lain. Sepertimana sabda Rasulullah SAW ‘Sampaikanlah pesananku walaupun satu ayat’. Sesungguhnya apabila matinya seseorang anak Adam itu, hanya 3 perkara yang akan dibawanya bersama :

1) Sedekah/amal jariahnya
2) Doa anak-anaknya yang soleh
3) Ilmu yang bermanfaat yang disampaikannya kepada orang lain

What is RECESSION?? February 27, 2009

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This Story is about a man who once upon a time was selling Hotdogs by the roadside.

He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers.

He was hard of hearing, so he never listened to the radio.

His eyes were weak, so he never watched television.

But enthusiastically, he sold lots of hotdogs.

He was smart enough to offer some attractive schemes to increase his sales.

His sales and profit went up.

He ordered more a more raw material and buns and use to sale more.

He recruited few more supporting staff to serve more customers.

He started offering home deliveries. Eventually he got himself a bigger and better stove.

As his business was growing, the son, who had recently graduated from College, joined his father.
Then something strange happened.

The son asked, “Dad, aren’t you aware of the great recession that is coming our way?”

The father replied, “No, but tell me about it.” The son said, “The international situation is terrible.

The domestic situation is even worse. We should be prepared for the coming bad times.”

The man thought that since his son had been to college, read the papers, listened to the radio and watched TV.

He ought to know and his advice should not be taken lightly.

So the next day onwards, the father cut down his raw material order and buns, took down the colourful signboard,

removed all the special schemes he was offering to the customers and was no longer as enthusiastic.

He reduced his staff strength by giving layoffs.

Very soon, fewer and fewer people bothered to stop at his hotdog stand.

And his sales started coming down rapidly, same is the profit.

The father said to his son, “Son, you were right”.

“We are in the middle of a recession and crisis. I am glad you warned me ahead of time.”

Moral of The Story:
It’s all in your MIND!
And we actually FUEL this recession much more than we think

NASA Confirmed – Sun Rise from the West (Signs of the Day of Judgement) February 16, 2009

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Nasa – Sunrise from the West

The science of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward the eastern direction in the past few weeks to the level we notice the “waver” between the east and the west..and on Wednesday the 30th of July the planet movement stopped going toward the eastern direction.. Then in the months of August and September… Mars changed its course in the opposite direction to the West- and that until the end of September..which means the sun will rise now from the west on Mars!! And this weird phenomena of the opposite movement called “Retrograde Motion” Most scientist state that all the planets will go through the same once at least and our planet Earth is one of them.
Planet Earth will move in the opposite direction some day and the sun will rise from the west!! This might occur soon and we are unaware! The rise of the sun from the west is mentioned in the hadith and this is the major sign of the day of  judgment, most if not All, the minor signs have occurred. Wake up.
Our beloved messenger Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “One of the signs of the hour..the sun will rise from the west, where no longer tauba(forgiveness) will be granted” !!And the strange thing..most of our  Shariah scholars mentioned that the rise of the sun from the west occurs  only once..on that day..the sun will rise from the west..then again from  the east..and continues until Allah wishes..and this is similar to what is
happening to Mars..it stops, then it changes its course of direction for a short period of time..then returns to way once it was.  And Abdullah Bin Amro (R.A.) said: (I memorized from the messenger (SAW) a hadith I will never forget..I heard the messenger of Allah (SAW) say: The first aya to come the rise of the sun from the west) [Ahmad]  And the messenger SAW “Allah (SWT) places HIS hand at night to forgive his morning sinners, and places in the morning to forgive his night sinners
until the sun rises from the west” [Muslim]
This piece of news is very important as it brings with it a great sign of  warning and remembrance of the coming of a new WORLD – the world of the Hereafter When we show this hadith that was told 1400 years ago about this miracle..you will see InshaALLAH, a lot will rivert to right path…And  the muslims if they see this phenomena happening in  Mars..who knows maybe it would bring them closer to our CREATOR.
May Allah (swt) keep all of us in the Right path and provide us with  success in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Make dua for Palestine! January 12, 2009

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In the Name of Allâh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[103:001] By Al-‘Asr (the time).
[103:002] Verily, man is in loss,
[103:003] Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one another to patience .

اللهُمَّ أَصْلِحْ أَحْوَالَ المُسْلِمِِينَ فِي فِلِسطِينَ، اللهُمَّ أَصْلِحْ أَحْوَالَ

المُسْلِمِِينَ فِي فِلِسطِينَ وفي كُلِّ مَكَانٍ، يَا ذَا الجَلالِ وَالإِكْرِامِ.

Allahumma aslih ahwaalal-muslimeena fi filisteen, Allahumma aslih ahwaalal-muslimeena fi filisteena wa fi kulli makaanin ya dhul-jalali wal-ikraam.

O Allah! Rectify the affairs of the Muslims in Palestine. O Allah! Rectify the affairs of the Muslims in Palestine and in every place, O Lord of Majesty and Bounty.

اللهُمَّ إِنَّهُمْ مَغْلُوبُونَ فَانْتَصِرْ لَهُمْ.

Allahumma innahum maghloobuna fantasir lahum.

O Allah! They are helpless, so help them.

رَبَّنَا أَفْرِغْ عَلَيْهِمْ صَبْراً وَثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَهُمْ وَانْصُرْهُمْ عَلَى القَوْمِ


Rabbana afrigh ‘alayhim sabran wa thabbit aqdamahum wansurhum ‘alal-qawmil- kafireen.

Our Lord! Pour upon them patience, make them steadfast, and grant them victory over the Disbelivers.

اللهُمَّ مَكِّرْ لَهُمْ، وَاكْفِهِمْ بِمَا شِئْتَ إِنْ تَنْصُرْهُمْ فَلا غَالِبَ لَهُمْ، وَإِنْ

تَخْذُلْهُمْ فَمَنْ ذَا الَّذي يَنْصُرهُمْ مِنْ بَعْدِكَ.

Allahumma makkir lahum, wakfihim bimaa shi’t. In tansurhum falaa ghaliba lahum, wa in takhdhulhum fa man dhal-ladh’ yansurhum min ba’dika.

O Allah! Plot for them, and suffice them with what You please, if You support them then nobody can overpower them, and if You forsake them, then who will be able to support them after You?

لا إِلاَ إِلا اللهُ العَظيمُ الحَليم، لا إِلهَ إِلا اللهُ رَبَّ العَرْشِ العَظِيمِ، لا

إلهَ إِلا اللهُ رَبُّ السَّمَاوَتِ وَرَبُّ الأَرْضِ وَرَبُّ العَرْشِ الكَرِيمِ.

La ilaha illAllahul adhimul-haleem. La ilaha illAllahu, rabbul-arshil- adheem. La ilaha illAllahu rabbus-samawaati wa rabbul-ardi wa rabbul-arshil- kareem.

There is no God but Allah, the Mighty the Forebearing, there is no God but Allah, Lord of the Mighty Throne, There is no God but Allah, Lord of the Heavens and Lord of the Earth and Lord of the Noble Throne

اللهُمَّ مََنْ أَرادَنَا وَبِلادَنَا وَالمُسْلِمِينَ بِسُوءٍ فَأَشْغِلْهُ فِي نَفْسِهِ، وَاجْعَلْ

كَيْدَهُ فِي نَحْرِهِ، وَاجْعَلْ تَدْبِيرَهُ تَدْمِيرَه.

Allahumma man aradana wa biladina bi su’in fash-ghilhu fi nafsih, waj’al kaydahu fi nahrih, waj’al tadbirahu tadmeerah.

O Allah! Whoever wants to harm us and our lands and the Muslims, then keep them busy with their own troubles, and return their plots to their own necks, and make their plans the cause of their own destruction

اللهُمَّ شَتِّتْ شَمْلَهُمْ، وَمَزِّقْ جَمْعَهُمْ، وَخَرِّبْ دِيَارَهُمْ، وَدَمِّرْ

أَسْلِحَتَهُمْ، اللهُمَّ أَنْزِلْ عَلَيْهِمُ الأَعَاصيرَ المُدَمِّرَةَ، وَالأَمْرَاضَ الفَتَّاكَةَ

Allahumma shattit shamlahum, wa mazziq jam’ahum, wa kharrib diyarahum, wa dammir aslihatahum. Allahumma anzil ‘alayhimul-a’ aseeral-mudammir a wal-amradal- fattaaka

O Allah! Disperse their gatherings and shatter their unity, demolish their houses, destroy their weapons.. O Allah! Send upon them destructive hurricanes, and fatal disease

” Verily my happiness is my iman & Verily my iman is in my heart & Verily my heart doesn’t belong to anyone but Allah ” Asma bint AbuBakr